What Can We Track?

We can implement systems to locate, track and manage almost anything. Where we mainly focus our knowledge, experience and value-add is assets that are uniquely identifiable, and where an organisation can see a direct benefit to business and processes by having increased visibility and control over an item’s whereabouts throughout its life-cycle.

We know that every organisation is going to have different assets or items that they want to locate and monitor, as well as requirements and processes around doing so. Feel free to give us a call or drop us a line to find out how we can best assist you.

We've located, tracked & managed a wide range of assets, equipment and items across industries.

To see some examples of the types of implementations we’ve done for our customers, check out our Case Studies page.


Assets & Equipment

We track assets and equipment

High-value assets such as specialised equipment and tools can often be misplaced, lost in transit, or left behind on-site. This then becomes an expensive exercise both in terms of staff time –having to search for missing items– and expenditure in replacing stock (which can lead to duplicates and decreased inventory efficiency if they are not truly lost).

For example, confirming an engineer has the right tools and stock on board before heading off to a job allows for better resource utilisation and saves both time and money.

In other instances, such as a hospital, knowing where a particular piece of monitoring equipment or where a specific bed is can make a huge difference in staff productivity and most importantly, patient care.

We can provide solutions that can track and manage these assets, large or small, across single or multiple sites, and in-transit.

Returnable Transport Items (RTIs)

As containers, pallets, crates, and IBCs circulate in a delivery-return loop from one site to the next, it can be frustrating and costly to lose track of them – or lose them entirely. These RTIs are reusable – their aim to be more cost efficient than a single-use alternative – but this relies on knowing their overall numbers and being able to locate and track them at any given time.

What’s in these containers is also often of critical importance and more costly to replace – both for the distribution operator and the manufacturer/sending organisation (who may be the same party). Being able to identify and monitor an individual RTI and its contents at any stage of the packing and delivery cycle reduces inaccurate orders and shipping delays or errors.

Even within a warehouse or distribution centre, the ability to validate the contents of a container before it leaves for delivery (without having to manually scan and record individual items) increases operational accuracy and efficiency. For potentially hazardous or perishable contents, tracking the lifecycle of the container and its usage increases safety for both distributors and end-users.

Our technology allows for accurate tracking, management, and control of your RTIs and their contents, from depot to door and back again.

We can track container, crates, pallets and IBCs

Inventory & Stock

We track cable, medical equipment, manufacturing parts and many other types of inventory or stock

The management of inventory and stock that travels through the service process can pose a challenge for any business. It goes without saying that not having to make unnecessary purchases for lost or misplaced stock helps save significantly and increases overall inventory management efficiencies.

Whether it’s parts in a manufacturing plant, items on a ward trolley in a hospital, apparel, or tracking lengths of cable used for broadband, our barcode and RFID solutions work on and between sites for the most accurate real-time locating and tracking.