Bluetooth Low Energy for asset locating and tracking

Locate your high-value assets with near-zero infrastructure and a lower total cost of ownership.

In addition to providing the best in traditional auto-ID technologies (barcoding, RFID, RTLS), Acumentive offers the latest in high-value asset locating via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  BLE beacon technology gives organisations a secure, faster, less costly locating and tracking alternative to RFID, WiFi and RTLS – all by utilising any computer workstation or mobile device with Bluetooth capability as a zone for BLE tags.

  • Tough, industrial tags designed in the UK for commercial use
  • Rapid deployment, requiring no extra infrastructure or installation of tag readers at a site
  • Highly configurable tags with extended battery life (up to 5 years depending on range and usage)
  • Ability to read tags from any Bluetooth enabled mobile device
  • Doesn’t interfere with WiFi and offers bigger zone ranges (and high concurrency)
  • Able to include multiple IDs and inlays, including EPC and GS1 identifiers
  • Better value for money – BLE has significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to WiFi, active RFID and RTLS

BLE Case Studies

ArjoHuntleigh use Acumentive solutions


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  • Track and trace high-value hospital assets, equipment and devices, down to ward level
  • Enable staff to spend less time searching for equipment and more time caring for patients
  • Improve patient care and experience
  • Improve billing and administation for equipment leasing
  • Tags can be discreetly attached without the need to alter or interfere with equipment
  • Near-zero infrastructure installation and can be implemented at a quarter of the cost of Wi-Fi applications



  • General:
    • Improve speed and agility
    • Optimise logistics workflow at a lower cost
    • Options for temperature, light and impact sensing
  • Warehousing:
    • Cover larger spaces with fewer beacons (using beacons as readers)
    • Real-time information on position and number of assets and equipment
  • In-transit:
    • In transport hubs and on vehicles to monitor movement of items
    • Track individual pallets and containers (and high-value goods in containers)
    • Streamline and improve item delivery

Manufacturing, Construction & Utilities


  • Locate high-value individual plant tools and building equipment in real-time
  • Track from stock yards or storage facilities, in-transit and on sites
  • Improve visibility of raw materials, smaller bulk items/parts carried on pallets
  • Better resource and asset utilisation
  • Reduce loss and theft
  • Improve safety and productivity
  • Feed data into workflow processes for inspection, maintenance, transfers between sites/staff, alerts (e.g missing components for tasks)

Facilities Management

BLE for FM

  •  People:
    • Analyse the flow of people around a building
    • Assist in evacuation and other safety procedures
    • Overview of shift worker movements (e.g. security patrols)
  • Assets and equipment:
    • Visibility and control over last known location of mobile, high-value assets and equipment
    • Inspection and maintenance workflow for fixed assets
    • Option for motion detection/sensing for high-value fixed assets

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Acumentive are the exclusive direct supplier of Conneq BLE tags. Compatible with the SenseAnyWare software suite (including a dedicated mobile app), Conneq tags are ideal for a wide range of commercial sectors with requirements for locating and tracking high-value, volume assets and equipment indoors, outdoors and in-transit.

Download the latest Conneq Tag datasheet here.


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