Acumentive delivers Smarter Asset Locating solutions through our SenseAnyWare platform, providing an end to end value from location and sensing capability. Our customers are found in the commercial and public sectors, delivered by Acumentive and through key partnerships.

Our partnership with Fathom extends our SenseAnyWare BLE locating capability with 2m definition for XY locating from BLE tags, adding a positional dimension to mix with zonal and zero-infrastructure BLE tracking capability.

“Combining Fathom’s unique BLE positioning with the SenseAnyWare’s platform and zero-infrastructure BLE zone tracking approach provides a unique, flexible enterprise asset locating solution, driving value through real-time control and optimisation,” said Acumentive’s Founder & Managing Director Martin Kruse.

Fathom represents the next generation in indoor location technology, utilizing Bluetooth to enhance asset tracking systems with 2m indoor location accuracy. Fathom’s asset tracking system provides greater coverage than RFID, greater accuracy than Wi-Fi and at a lower cost than other real-time location systems like UWB—and Fathom’s location technology is Bluetooth-agnostic, meaning we can track any beacon or IoT device broadcasting a Bluetooth signal.

“We are excited about our partnership with Acumentive because it combines our strengths in location technology with Acumentive’s market presence to deliver an asset tracking solution that was previously not affordable for most companies. The emergence of Bluetooth Low Energy for asset tracking is taking IoT from a concept to a real-world solution for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other logistically challenging environments “, said Adrian Stimpson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Fathom.

The combined solution is available from Acumentive, through BT Asset Trace available from BT.

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Corporate Overview
Corporate Name – Acumentive Limited

At Acumentive, our aim is to deliver smart, innovative real-time asset locating and management solutions for our customers, using the best auto-ID (RFID, Barcode, RTLS, Bluetooth) technologies and SenseAnyWare software.
With over a decade of knowledge of auto-ID technology, being able to integrate and manage data is what sets us apart. We are unique in our ability to deploy systems to collect and collate real-time data from multiple streams and technologies into the one platform and deliver hybrid applications.

Corporate Name: Fathom Systems Inc.




Fathom is an indoor location company specializing in asset tracking using Bluetooth. Our location expertise is based on 10+ years of providing location services to over a billion mobile devices every day, as well as supporting North America’s emergency services networks by providing accurate positioning and wayfinding for first responders—we understand location.