Auto-ID Technology Overview

Auto-ID refers to the automatic identification and collection of data, most often in real-time. In asset tracking and inventory management terms it is the technology that can identify a single item, at any location, at any time. A combination of tags/beacons and readers, it is the fastest, most cost effective way to acquire accurate data, replacing the need to manually locate and monitor items, and reducing the likelihood of human error in data entry.

Acumentive has over a decade’s experience with a range of auto-ID technologies that enable real-time automatic identification and location capture. As one of the few providers who are truly hardware-agnostic, we future-proof our offerings. Not being locked into proprietary technology allows us to find the best fit for an organisation, and support and change over to new standards as they evolve. Further, the SenseAnyWare software platform has the unique ability to simultaneously gather and process location information from multiple auto-ID technologies and reader sources.

AutoID and readers

Being hardware agnostic means we source the best fit auto-ID technology and reader combinations to suit your needs and budget.

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Traditional Auto-ID


Used for identification and scanning in line-of-sight, a barcode is machine-readable data represented in 1D (vertical lines) and 2D (data matrix). In addition to the well-recognised barcode labels, the technology also includes DPM (direct part marking) where assets are marked permanently to allow for tracking through an entire lifecycle. Barcodes are a low unit cost ID mechanism, ideal for lower value and/or high volume items.


RFID (radio frequency identification) enables data to be read and captured wirelessly using radio waves. A tag, or in many cases, multiple tags, can be read simultaneously from distance and without needing line-of-sight, using passive RFID (powered by a reader). This form of auto-ID technology allows for fast, cost-effective item locating and tracking, however does require more infrastructure than barcodes. In some cases active RFID (powered by a battery) may be used for high value assets.

RTLS, Sensing and GPS

RTLS (real-time locations systems), remote condition sensing, and GPS (global positioning systems) are more complex integrated technologies that identify exact geographical locations, both inside and outside, using a combination of radio frequency (RF) and non-RF technologies.

AVAILABLE NOW - Bluetooth Low Energy tags

BT for web

In addition to providing the best in traditional auto-ID technologies (barcoding, RFID, RTLS), Acumentive offers the latest in high-value asset locating via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  Read more about BLE beacon technology here.