Our Story

Our Mission

As pioneers of zero-infrastructure asset locating and management, our mission is to continuously innovate and build the smartest solutions for our customers; to bring to market game-changing technology, competitive advantage and ROI to our customers’ current processes.

Our History

I originally founded Acumentive to help organisations use RFID in real-world business applications. At the time, RFID was in its infancy – being piloted only in large retail organisations for the sole purpose of inventory tracking. It became clear that the technology had much wider, and scalable, applications for assets and equipment in other markets.

By developing complete asset management software solutions and extending our capabilities and offerings to cover Barcode, RFID, RTLS and Bluetooth, time and time again we have shown the value to businesses’ productivity, efficiencies and bottom-line.

Over the course of more than a decade, we have delivered more than 40 large-scale projects, including many first-of-type applications. We pride ourselves on being pioneers in our field and bringing to market solutions that have been created by combining industry standards, tried-and-tested methodologies with the ability to think outside the box and deliver innovation to meet each of our customer’s needs.

Our vision is for smarter asset locating environments for our customers. We deliver this through our Sense–Connect–Manage–Explore model, unparalleled practical project expertise and award-winning SenseAnyWare software platform.


Martin Kruse

Founder & CEO